Brixton Brewery Community and Sustainability Action

As a community-based business with strong links to our local area, we are proud of our social and sustainability initiatives. We are always actively looking for ways to be the best business and employer we possibly can be. Some of the partnerships and actions we’re particularly proud of include:

We are a member of the London Living Wage Foundation since 2014, meaning all of our staff are paid at least the London Living Wage (significantly higher than the statutory minimum wage). This includes staff of the Brixton Brewery Tap Room.

We are a long-term supporter of the Trussell Trust Brixton & Norwood Foodbank. During lockdown we raised money for them by selling brewers yeast in small packages for home bakers (there was a shortage in shops), a hugely successful initiative.

We have a long-running partnership with Block 336 Art Gallery and Studio (a registered arts charity) – most recently we sponsored their Zoom series offering free legal/rights advice to artists during lockdown.

Two of our founders are active Board members of the Brixton Business Improvement District working with the Council and Brixton businesses to make Brixton a great place to do business and spend time. We’ve supported the BID particularly with some of its specific programmes, such as packaging hand sanitizer for re-opening businesses in Brixton during the post-lockdown phase of Covid 19.

We offer supervised work experience placements to the special needs students of Michael Tippett School to support college-aged students to introduce them to the structure of a workplace, and build skills.

We provide free space and support for several organisations, including Migrateful (which runs cooking classes led by refugees), South London Cares, which provides social events for isolated people, Oxjam, which raises money for Oxfam, and others, including individuals raising money for charity – such as a recent fundraiser for the Cool Earth Foundation.

We support smaller businesses and individuals around Brixton – we recently did a series of features highlighting the businesses along Coldharbour Lane, near our brewery, to help promote diverse businesses near us. We commissioned an up-and-coming photographer to do the portraits for the series through the organisation Young Creators.

Most of our projects are focussed on Brixton, but we are also involved in the Brewgooder Foundation, the craft beer organisation that raises money for clean water projects in Malawi.

Our environmental sustainability initiatives include switching from packaging in bottles to packaging in cans, which are known to be a more sustainable material, and lighter and less fuel intensive to transport. We work in partnership with a nearby farmer, who collects our spent grain for use as animal feed, and we work hard in the brewery to reduce waste and use material and packaging efficiently.

These are just a few examples of some of our most recent projects and partnerships. We are always looking for ways to work meaningfully within our diverse community, and make our production practices, and our business socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable. This has been the Brixton Brewery ethos from our very beginning as a family-run business