Naming our beers, Part 4: a Coldharbour in a heatwave

Naming our beers, Part 4: a Coldharbour in a heatwave

Naming our beers, Part 4: a Coldharbour in a heatwave

Our label design (see above) once again uses vibrant colours and takes African batiks as its inspiration. The zig zag lines reflect the facade of the distinctive brutalist-inspired Barrier Block estate on Coldharbour Lane

Our Coldharbour Lager made its debut just in time for Britain’s hottest June day on record. The heat wave was typically short-lived but the beer has staying power as a properly refreshing and crisp thirst quencher. It’s great for hot summer days, or for those times when you just want to kick back with an ice cold beer that combines distinctive craft flavour with the classic lightness of a lager.

Coldharbour Lager is a good-time beer, named for the freewheeling Coldharbour Lane, home to legendary drinking dens like The Dogstar, the Prince Albert, the now disappeared Cooltan Arts (Check here for a fascinating look at a piece of lost Brixton) and at least one club too underground to even have an obvious name. It’s not uncommon to be on your way to work while people are still wandering home along CHL on the morning after a heavy night before.

The street is the perfect inspiration for our Pilsner-style beer, with its Bohemian origins. With a heady floral aroma taken from noble hops, this is a lager with loads of personality. When the brewery was still something of a distant daydream back in 2011, Coldharbour Lager was the name of one our first theoretical beers, so it feels pretty close to our core.

Brainstormed beer names from back in 2011. Two have made it to reality (so far).

Travellers to Central London once used Coldharbour Lane as a stopping off point to rest for the night – a coldharbour was a basic shelter where travellers could rest and find sanctuary from the elements. Crack open a bottle of Coldharbour Lager and take refuge from thirst.

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