The Norway Option Gluten Free Blond (SOLD OUT)

The Norway Option Gluten Free Blond (SOLD OUT)

The Norway Option GF Blond is a crisp and pragmatic blend of Norwegian kveik yeast and Belgian yeast – something for everyone, but not necessarily everything for everyone. Dry-hopped and gluten-free, it moves seamlessly across beer style borders across beer style borders in perfect regulatory harmony, with no limits or need for additional checks in the Irish Sea. This is the heady rush of flavours you’d expect from achieving a compromise for the uncompromising – a delicately balanced negotiation between distinctive elements, each with their own strong character. The Norway Option is a slightly spicy collaborative brew with notes of pepper and clove cooperating and coexisting respectfully with a touch of sweetness from Huell Melon hops. When you’ve tried everything else and it’s not quite what you need, there’s always the Norway Option.

LTD EDN SERIES: Our small batch range of experimental beers. It’s what happens when we let our brewing imagination run wild and see where it takes us. So we’re always trying something new, and so are you.

Each batch will be available for a short time only (ltd, even), and when it’s done, we’ll be on to something else. So be quick or it will be gone like the vowels on the labels.