Coldfront Baltic Porter(SOLD OUT)

Coldfront Baltic Porter(SOLD OUT)

Coldfront Baltic Porter is out now! It’s a bracing winter brew, dark as night and strong as a beast blowing in from the east. This one is all about layer upon layers of rich, flavoursome malts – blankets of protection from the elements, and fortification for maximum flavour. Brewed with a German lager yeast it’s incredibly drinkable and moreish. Get a taste of Brixton. Get Coldfront.

LTD EDN SERIES: Our small batch range of experimental beers. It’s what happens when we let our brewing imagination run wild and see where it takes us. So we’re always trying something new, and so are you.

Each batch will be available for a short time only (ltd, even), and when it’s done, we’ll be on to something else. So be quick or it will be gone like the vowels on the labels.