Nuclear Dawn Botanical Sour (SOLD OUT)

Nuclear Dawn Botanical Sour (SOLD OUT)

LTD EDN SERIES: The first in our small batch range of experimental beers. It’s what happens when we let our brewing imagination run wild and see where it takes us. So we’re always trying something new, and so are you.

Each batch will be available for a short time only (ltd, even), and when it’s done, we’ll be on to something else. So be quick or it will be gone like the vowels on the labels.

Brewed in collaboration with Norfolk’s Duration Brewing and named for Brixton’s evocative Nuclear Dawn mural, this kettle soured beer has layers within layers of botanical and fruity flavours. Coriander and fennel give way to a sharp sour, mellowed by exotic market fruit.

It’s a power greater than the sum of its parts.

You can read the collaboration story and about the star of the beer, the mural itself, here.