Introducing the new way to buy your beer: Pay By Neigh

Introducing the new way to buy your beer: Pay By Neigh

To mark the launch of our new limited edition beer, URBAN ANIMALS, in partnership with Vauxhall City Farm, we’re giving away free cans in exchange for animal noises!

URBAN ANIMALS is a Green Hop Pale* brewed with fresh hops grown at Vauxhall City Farm. To celebrate the launch of the beer we’re giving away 100 FREE CANS in exchange for animal noises. To get your hooves on one all you have to do is film yourself making an animal noise then tag us on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll be in touch with a voucher code to claim your FREE can of URBAN ANIMALS from our website.**

Alternatively, head to our taproom for a weeklong ‘Pay by Neigh’ event from Thursday 18th until Thursday – 25th November where you’ll be able to to give the bar staff your loudest ‘BAA’, ‘OINK’ or ‘NEIGH” in person in exchange for a can. We’re encouraging all recipients of free beer to make a donation in the amount of their choice to Vauxhall City Farm to fund the charity’s vital community work.

This amazing local partnership came about when Vauxhall City Farm – just a 10-minute cycle from our taproom – got in touch with us to ask if we could help them grow some hops at the farm whilst their community garden was going unused during lockdown. How could we say NEIGH? We returned a few months later to harvest the hops (with the help of some farm volunteers… and a few stray alpacas!) and brought them straight back to our brewery via the Victoria Line to be used in a brew that same day.

All the proceeds from sales of URBAN ANIMALS will be donated to Vauxhall City Farm to fund training volunteers, upkeep of farm premises and feeding animals.

Country bumpkins step aside, URBAN ANIMALS (5.2% ABV) is one for the cool kids (and cows, pigs or chickens) whose natural habitat is the bright lights of the big city. Made using freshly harvested hops grown at Vauxhall City Farm, this Green Hop Pale Ale celebrates those hidden corners of the metropolis where surprising things live, grow and thrive on being alive and part of the hive.

This new limited edition beer comes in three different can designs, each inspired by some of the farm’s most famous residents: Jerry the Alpaca, Cheryl the Chicken and Britney Spurs the Horse. You can visit the real animals that inspired these characters, and many more at Vauxhall City Farm. Click here to donate.

*Green hop beers are made using freshly harvested hops to create a super aromatic flavour profile (since hops can only be harvested once per year, most beer is made using dried hops – so a green hop beer is really something special!).

**First 50 claimants will receive a voucher code for one FREE can of Urban Animals redeemable via our webshop. Thereafter claimants will receive a 20% off voucher code. One redemption per person. Offer valid while stocks last.

“The only thing that hasn’t changed is fish & chips”

“The only thing that hasn’t changed is fish & chips”

Brixton’s free-spirited Coldharbour Lane gave us the spark of inspiration to create Coldharbour Lager, a super-refreshing pilsner-style beer with Bohemian origins. Our content series, Characters of Coldharbour Lane, pays tribute to the people along the street.

Jimmy’s Plaice (350 Coldharbour Lane) is a family-run fish & chip shop overlooking the road’s iconic Barrier Block estate. It sells all the deep fried classics you’d expect from a traditional London chippy, and, as we found out when we got talking to owners Raz and Jimmy, has been doing so ever since the 1950s when the shop was first opened by Raz’s father.

Q: How long you been based on Coldharbour Lane?

The shop has been here since the ’50s and was originally owned and run by my dad, so I spent my whole childhood in this area. Our house was a short walk away, and I’d come over here every weekend to help with the deep cleaning. When my dad passed away 30 years ago my husband Jimmy and I took over. He does the cooking and I do the paperwork, deliveries and all that side of things. And the children are involved too. Our girls are at uni now but they come in to help when they can.

There are some people who still come in who knew my dad, but a lot of them are passing away- he would have been in his 80s now.

Q: Do you remember the Barrier Block being built?

No but my dad would have done. There was one builder who would always come in for fish and chips after he’d finished working on the site and he and my dad became lifelong friends.

Q: What kind of changes have you seen taking place in Brixton?

The area has changed a lot since I grew up here. I was here during the riots, but I love Brixton. With people who aren’t from here I always think they just need to come for a tour! There’s respect both ways. If you’re honest and straight up with people they’re the same with you.

Building prices have gone up and that’s good for us. We have noticed a change in the people that come into the shop. But nowhere is ever stagnant and the same for long, is it? Everything changes and we have to change with it. Really the only thing that hasn’t changed is fish and chips!

Portraits from our Characters of Coldharbour Lane series will be on display at the Brixton Brewery Tap Room from 23rd September or you can see them as they drop on Instagram @brixtonbrewery. Look for Coldharbour Lager at bars and bottle shops throughout London and beyond (or shop via our website here). Grab one and take refuge from thirst